Nodat is an engagment and customer data platform designed specifically to help your local business connect with more customers on a local level. We offer unique marketing and ad programs that will help your business compete against the national brands in your market. The vehicle for these programs is our proprietary Nodat mobile app: a robust local business directory and an engaging peer reviews platform. Designed from the ground up to assist you in your efforts of connecting and engaging with your current and potential customers through video, a social media community-based marketing concept and a self-service customer data platform that will allow you to connect and share information about your business directly to our users through our mobile app, analyze real demographical and behavioral data of every local customer or user that engage with your brand, and create rewards, incentives, coupons, and promotions for our in-app Commnity Coupon Store that will incease consumer loyalty to your brand. Our CDP will give you the tools you have been seeking to help you provide better customer experiences and create more engaging offers and promotions based off what your customers really want. Our service will surely increase foot traffic to your establishment while increasing your local reach and awareness across social media channels. 

Your Part? 

For now, claim or register your local business on our platform, completely free and start asking your customers to create what we call a "Community Ad" which are simply videos and pictures that they share to their social media telling their family and friends why they love your services. When your customer shares thier videos and pictures from your business page on Nodat it will automatically attach a hyperlink that shows your business name, address details, and connect other users to your page, thus turning their post into a social media Community Ad. This is the perfect way to reach more people who are within your current customer's personal network. Smart work for you and your customer. 

We'll talk about adding incentives later. Cool? 

Awesome! Click here to claim or register you business and start asking your customers to create!