couple using nodat on iPadWhy You Should Nodat?

The Nodat app answers the questions you want to know about the places you want to go in YOUR COMMUNITY! We take the guesswork out of finding the perfect spot! You no longer have to thumb through online written reviews and wonder if they are real or fake. NOW, you can WATCH real reviews recorded by real people who live in or around your community! So, if you want to know who your neighbor recommends for lawncare just type their name into Nodat and watch their recommendation!

Don’t waste your time aimlessly driving or walking around and wandering into a bar or a restaurant  wishing you knew more about it before you made the decision to go. Watch video recommendations from real city locals and get expert advice from your family and freinds within seconds any time you want!


Social Sharing is Community Marketing

But wait– we took it one step further! Nodat allows you to give the term "Did you know that?" some extra power. Now, when you share your videos, pictures, and recommendations to your social media you will have the chance to earn rewards like savings and perks for helping local brands spread the word throughout their community! 

Create your own Community Ad based off your experiences with the local brands you have visitied and share them to your social meida newsfeed and earn Nodat Points that will soon be redeemable in the Nodat Community Coupon Store! Redeem offers like "Extra Hour Happy Hour" or "10% off Teeth Whitening Services'". Redeem exclusive Check-In deals on the spot! 

We know you love to talk about your experiences! That’s why we believe in rewarding you for what you do so well. The more you go gives you the chance to  show everyone what you know and earn more everyday savings!  Soon, everyone in your circle will go to your Nodat profile to see what you know before they go!